Stage II of Osiedle Przy Promenadzie project in Warsaw – sale of flats commenced

210 flats are available for sale in the initial phase of Stage II project; 175 more flats are anticipated for sale as from January. Residents will be able to take over finished flats at the turn of 2009 and 2010.

Within Stage II of the project, we offer a wide assortment of flats having a total area of 30 to 115.5 m2, in the building characterized by modern and interesting architectural design, comprising green terraces in the lower storeys and the top ones.

The building will be a seven-storeyed main structure parallel to Promenada Shopping Centre (with the bottom storey housing service/retail units), and four seven-storeyed arms leading away from the main structure and deep into the Estate.

Fourteen-storeyed towers will be erected in the places where the arms connect to the main section. The towers will contain the most attractive double-room flats (52 – 56 m2 in north-south and north-west layouts) and south-west four-room flats of approx. 115 m2.