Notification given pursuant to Art. 160 of the Act on Trading in Financial instruments.

Report number 006/2014

Legal basis: Art. 160.4 of the Act on Trading - information about transactions effected by persons having access to confidential information

The Management Board of LC Corp S.A. (the Issuer) reports that the Company received a
notification, pursuant to Art. 160 of the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments, from Mr Remigiusz
Baliński, Member of LC Corp S.A. Supervisory Board, who reported that a legal person – closely
related to him (pursuant to Art. 160 of the Act), i.e. Noble Securities S.A. of Kraków in which
Mr Remigiusz Baliński is Vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board – made the following transaction
concerning LC Corp S.A. shares on 24 January 2014:

  • the acquisition of 2,000 shares of LC Corp S.A. on 24 January 2014 as a result of atransaction made in the ordinary session mode at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, at anaverage price of PLN 1.71 per share.

The transaction was effected as part of the Issuer’s Market Maker activities performed by Noble
Securities S.A. for LC Corp S.A.