Revision of Sales Target Set by Develia S.A. Management Board for 2022

Report number 46/2022

Legal basis: Article 17(1) of MAR - inside information

The Management Board of Develia S.A. (the “Issuer” or the “Company”) inform that today, i.e. on 6 July 2022, on account of a changed market and economic situation arising from the war in Ukraine, pursuant to the “2021-2025 Develia’s Strategy” published in the Current Report no. 12/2021 of 18 February 2021, they have decided to revise the 2022 sales target set by the Develia S.A.’s Management Board approved by the Management Board Resolution No. 7/2022 of 31/01/2022 and published in the Current Report no. 8/2021 of 31/01/2022. The said revision concerns the number of premises to be sold in 2022 (development or preliminary agreements), which will be changed to 1,600-1,800 units.

The aforesaid objectives do not constitute any forecast or estimates, nor do they refer to financial results. They only serve to provide information on the Issuer’s envisaged areas of activity and potential directions in which it could extend its operations in 2022.

Due to the fact that the foregoing information has an important impact on the perspectives of the Issuer’s growth, it has been deemed to meet criteria laid down in Article 7(1) of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No. 596/2014 of 16 April 2014 on market abuse.