Wola Center

ul. Przyokopowa 33, Warszawa, Wola

A unique investment

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Conference rooms

Underground car park


Building Management System

An innovative building designed with the needs of the business world in mind

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27 500 m2


12 storeys

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Wola Center is a unique office building located along the Przyokopowa Street in the Warsaw’s Wola district. The Kuryłowicz & Associate architectural studio was responsible for the design.

The building has been designed in the convention of monochromatism, granite, and grey.

It refers to the crystal structure, which allows the appearance and color to change depending on the time of day and the degree of sunlight.

The complex consists of 4 independent parts. Between the buildings there is an extremely stylish, covered patio with walls consisting of reflective glass panes set at different angles, serving as a meeting and resting place.

The investment was sold in 2019 and its new owner is the Gisla company, belonging to the Hines European Value Fund.

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ul. Przyokopowa 33, Warszawa, Wola