Arkady Wroclawskie – opening of the biggest shopping centre in Wroclaw

On Saturday April 28th, at 9.00 a.m. Arkady Wrocławskie – the biggest shopping centre in the very heart of Wroclaw – will be opened. Arkady Wroclawskie is a modern shopping and office complex including over 120 shops of best brands (including the first Alma supermarket in Wroclaw, Royal Collection, Escada, Laurel, Quicksilver/Rossignol and many others), restaurants (Sphinx, Sevi Kebab, Telechińczyk), cafes (Blikle, Coffee Heaven), a ten-screen Multikino multiplex and the biggest premiere room for an audience of 550, fitness, medical centre and offices of renowned companies.

The centre will house central offices of, among others, GETIN Holding S.A. Capital Group – GETIN Bank, TU Europa, PDK and GETIN Leasing, GETIN Raty and GETIN International. “We have been waiting for the last official decisions and wanted to be sure that everything will be ready for the first customers. The tenants have been prepared since Wednesday, but we delayed the opening in order to receive the last document. Now everything is ready right down to a tee and we will welcome the first customers tomorrow at 9.00. We invite you for the long weekend to Arkady Wroclawskie” said Małgorzata Danek, President of Arkady Wrocławskie S.A.

Arkady Wroclawskie will be open between 09:00 and 21:00. Due to the opening, many shops have prepared extra promotions (e.g. HOUSE, S.OLIVER, PLANET SPORT, RTV EURO AGD, DOUGLAS, and ROYAL COLLECTION shops offer attractive price promotions for selected products. Other attractions are also planned, prepared by the tenants. The centre came into existence in less than 24 months from the beginning of the investment and is fully rented out. ‘We finished the commercialization of rental space in Arkady Wroclawskie one year before the end of the construction. It means huge confidence the tenants placed in us. We believe that time will show it was a very good investment for all parties,’ adds Małgorzata Danek.

One of the special attractions of Arkady Wroclawskie is Poland’s biggest ocean aquarium with a coral reef. In the aquarium, which is 3 storeys high and contains 120,000 litres of sea water, you can admire several hundred colourful fish and three reef (blacktip) sharks. The aquarium is divided into two parts: the lower one – which contains the magnificent coral reef and rich sea fauna, and the higher one – intended mainly for the sharks.

Arkady Wroclawskie stands out as a modern body of the building which is a combination of glass, steel and sandstone. The complex, which comprises a shopping arcade along with an underground garage and a 5-storey car park, a multiplex cinema and a 12-storey office building, constitutes a vital architectural element of the modern centre coming into being along Powstańców Śląskich St. and is also a natural continuation of the city’s main trade route along Świdnicka St.

Arkady Wroclawskie also means new work places. More than 1500 people will find permanent jobs here, and the number of employees in cooperating companies additionally multiplies this number. Already at the execution stage of this one of the biggest investments of a Polish company in Wroclaw (over EUR 100 million), as many as 1400 people were involved. Wroclaw inhabitants have also been invited to promote the centre. The campaign promoting Arkady Wroclawskie featured Wroclawians stressing their relationship with this unusual city: a student, an architect, a journalist or a manager – everyone who considers this city to be exceptional, and Arkady Wroclawskie to be the ‘essence of this city’.

Arkady Wroclawskie is currently the biggest completed investment of LC Corp S.A., a real estate development company belonging to Leszek Czarnecki, a majority shareholder of GETIN Holding and one of the biggest investors on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

‘Wroclaw is my city and this is why I decided to locate the first project of such a large scale precisely here. Not only sentimental attachment to my home town weighs in favour of the location, but also business arguments,’ said Leszek Czarnecki and added, ‘Wroclaw is the fastest developing city in Poland and a very prospective market for real estate investments.’

LC Corp S.A.’s next projects will be carried out both in Wroclaw and in these places in Poland where it pays to invest in real estate from the economic point of view. Konrad Dubelski, President of the Board of LC Corp S.A. does not deny that the experience gained from the Arkady Wroclawskie project will have a positive influence on next projects: ‘It is the biggest investment we have put into use and a big step in the further development of our company,’ said Konrad Dubelski. ‘Currently we are making preparations to enter the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The resources obtained in this way will be spent on next projects we have already planned.’