LC Corp constructs an office building in Warszawa

On September 1st 2011 an LC Corp S.A. company signed a General Contractor agreement for construction of an A-class commercial-office building at Przyokopowa street in Warszawa-Wola.

The design has been developed by APA Kuryłowicz&Associates.

The structure will be formed of 4 buildings connected with one another, offices will be located on floors 2 through 12. Commercial spaces have been designed to be located at the bottom of the complex. There will be an extremely stylish roofed patio between the buildings, it will serve as a meeting place. The office building will also encompass a two-level underground car park. Estimated size of the area to be put to business use will amount to ca. 31000 m2.

The process of construction of this modern complex starts on September 7th and it is going to take 24 months.