Appointment of Supervisory Board Member

Report number 025/2013

Legal basis: Art. 56.1.2 of the Act on Public Offering – current and periodic information

The Management Board of LC Corp S.A. (“the Issuer”) reports that on 28 June 2013 the Ordinary General Meeting, appointed Mr Damian Milibrand as a new member of the Supervisory Board of the Company.

Information about the appointed Member of the Supervisory Board:

Mr Damian Milibrand is a graduate of the Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań. In 2004-2008 connected with Open Finance S.A. and from 2006 the Managing Director of that company. He created, inter alia, mobile structures of Open Direct advisers. In 2008-2013 he was President of the Management Board of Home Broker S.A., as the originator of the business model and in charge of creation and development of the sales structures within the company, which is now a leading player on the real property agency domestic market, as well a key player on the market of mortgage agency. It is his passion to create new business ventures.
Mr Damian Milibrand conducts no activities competitive to the Company’s business, and is not a partner in any competing partnerships, or member of management or supervisory staff in any competing joint stock company or another competing legal person. Mr Damian Milibrand is not entered in the Register of Insolvent Debtors kept under the Act on the National Court Register.

Legal basis:
Art. 56.1.2a of the Act on Public Offering and Conditions Governing the Introduction of Financial Instruments to Organised Trading and Public Companies (Journal of Laws – Dz. U. 2005, No. 184 Item 1539, as amended), in connection with Art. 5.1.22 of the Directive of the Minister of Finance dated 19 February 2009 on current and periodic information published by issuers of securities and conditions for recognising as equivalent the information required by the laws of a non-member state (Journal of Law – Dz.U. of 2009, No. 33, Item 259, as amended)