Retro Office House

Wrocław, Przedmieście Świdnickie Piłsudskiego 69/73

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22 000 m2


6 storeys

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RETRO OFFICE HOUSE is an office building located in close neighbourhood of the very city centre, at the corner of Pilsudski and Komandorska streets. It is a reasonable choice of location for your business. This investment will guarantee the most comfortable conditions of activity and development of your business.

We are inspired by the innovative dimension of Wrocław’s architecture at the beginning of the 20th century. We combine this great tradition with the latest solutions in terms of technology, form and functionality. This is the essence of Retro Office House.

The building was sold in 2019. The new manager is a company from the Globalworth Poland Real Estate group.

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Wrocław, Przedmieście Świdnickie Piłsudskiego 69/73