A unique investment

Special advantages of the facility

Retail and service complex

Office and residential

A tourist attraction and one of the symbols of the city

The highest vantage point in Poland

One of a kind office and commercial building

About investment


53 960 m2

Offices area:

870 m2 560 m2


50 storeys

Termin zakończenia:


Sky Tower is the first skyscraper in Wrocław, 212 m high. It is a multifunctional facility, which is a combination of an office building, a service and entertainment center, a commercial center and a unique tourist attraction.

As one of the most characteristic buildings in Poland, Sky Tower transforms into a meeting place with a wide range of amenities, incl. by expanding the gastronomic, entertainment and service offer and making the office part more attractive.
The facility will have everything an active, modern city resident and office worker needs.

Sky Tower organizes many cultural and music events, thanks to which it supports Wrocław institutions and promotes valuable initiatives. It is a place where actions important for the local community take place.


Characteristics of the object

Sky Tower is located in the heart of Wrocław, in the Krzyki district. In the neighborhood there is a road connecting the south of the city with the A4 motorway and the main bus and tram lines in Wrocław.

Sky Tower is one of the largest undertakings in the capital of Lower Silesia, it is a new symbol of the city. This investment puts Wrocław in a high position when it comes to living standards.

Place matters

Investment location