Silesia Star

Katowice, Śródmieście Uniwersytecka 18-20

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25 500 m2


8 storeys

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The Silesia Star office complex consists of 2 interconnected class A buildings, located in the center of Katowice. Nearby, there are 2 universities and the campus of the University of Silesia. The originator of the project was the Kuryłowicz & Associates studio.

The office building is distinguished by modern and simple architecture.

The outer surfaces of the façade are made of perforated concrete with openable windows of various sizes and contrasting golden colors. Facade materials are subordinated to the simplicity and character of the location, referring to the austerity of industrial buildings and the tradition of Katowice modernism.

The investment was sold in 2019. The new owner is a company from the Globalworth Poland Real Estate group.

The place matters

Investment location

Katowice, Śródmieście Uniwersytecka 18-20